2017-2018 Teacher and School Grants Awarded to Dothan City Schools

August 8, 2017DOTHAN, ALABAMA – The Dothan Education Foundation awarded over $45,000 in Teacher and School Grants on Tuesday, August 8th at the Annual Dothan City Schools (DCS) Institute. Of those awarded, 22 teachers across 9 different DCS schools will introduce innovative programs and initiatives into the classroom that will enhance the education experience for students. Since 1996, the DEF has provided funding for projects that would otherwise not be funded.

“Providing financial support for Dothan City School teachers though our annual grants program allows the Dothan Education Foundation the opportunity to encourage innovative and motivated learning in the classrooms that can shape the success of the of our students and the future of Dothan, Alabama,” said Gindi Prutzman, Dothan Education Foundation President.

In addition to Teacher Grants, the DEF awarded its first School Grant funding to 7 DCS schools. Through School Grants, financial support will be provided for projects, equipment, professional development or any other plans that would make an impact on the entire school population rather than a singular classroom.

Grant funds were made possible through the DEF’s annual Morris Slingluff Memorial Golf Tournament, in addition to generous donations from Wells Fargo and the Malone Family Foundation.

Established in 1995, the Dothan Education Foundation is a 501(C)(3) charitable organization dedicated to utilizing and mobilizing community resources for the success of Dothan City School students. The DEF exists to support our students, teachers and parents by creating an environment of community involvement and engagement with our schools through various activities and programs.


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