DEF Teacher & School Grants

The purpose of the Dothan Education Foundation Teacher/School Grants is to provide Dothan City Schools an opportunity to enhance the education experience for students by supplying funds for activities that would otherwise be unavailable – activities outside the scope of normal funding.

The Dothan Education Foundation provides financial support to Dothan City Schools’ teachers through our annual grants program. The Teacher Grant Program has been in place since 1996 and provides funding for projects that would otherwise not be funded.  We want to support teachers who are seeking creative ways to address classroom challenges – those teachers who are trying to fill the gap between good and great. The grants are graded based on criteria such as number of students reached, educational impact and measurement of success.  Funds are awarded based on the number of applications received and money raised for the grant program. Teacher grants of up to $2,500 are awarded.

In 2016, $35,000 was awarded for projects ranging from lab equipment to flexible seating. Since 1995 the DEF has awarded more than $435,000 to Dothan City School teachers to encourage innovative teaching to enhance the educational experience for students by supplying funds.. Community support of the annual grant program continues to foster educational success for our students and grow creative classrooms. It is also important to note that the DEF also works to link Adopters to outstanding grant requests.

In 2017, the DEF announced the availability of School Grants. Through School Grants, financial support will be provided for projects, equipment, professional development or any other plans that would make an impact on the entire school population rather than just a singular classroom. School grants of up to $5,000 will be awarded.

Grant Applications

Opening Spring 2018