Yes We Can! Dothan


Yes We Can! Dothan is a citizen driven initiative designed to engage Dothan citizens in creating a unified voice and vision for the Dothan City Schools System and the children and families served. The effort requires an ongoing commitment by our community and the school system to improve education.

The “Yes We Can! Dothan” (YWCD) education movement began mid-2008 as a community, grassroots, citizen driven initiative designed to engage the citizens of Dothan, Alabama, in creating a unified voice and vision for Dothan City Schools, the children, and the families served.

Early on, the direction of YWCD was shaped during a series of 47 “Community Conversations” that involved more than 1,000 area residents. Their thoughts were compiled and the following five themes emerged as YWCD’s objectives:

  • Graduation for All:  Ready for College, Work, Life
  • High Expectations and Accountability for Home, School and Community
  • Parent Responsibility and Accountability
  • Communication that Informs, Engages and Reconnects Dothan
  • Funding Better Schools to Make a Better Dothan

Ongoing Goals of YWCD:
Improve student achievement for all Dothan City School students
Maintain continuous school improvement
Re-engage the citizens of Dothan with its public schools
Why is there a need for “Yes We Can! Dothan”?
Responsible communities nurture and support their public schools because these institutions help mold tomorrow’s leaders and decision makers while ensuring the continued vitality and economic stability of Dothan.  Many factors of a thriving community depend on a good public school system including economic development, educated workforce, crime and quality of life.

Who is involved in “Yes We Can! Dothan”?
ALL citizens of Dothan can be and are encouraged to participate with supporting Dothan City Schools.  The movement requires the assistance of the entire community to succeed, even involving people who do not have children in the public school system.

What can YOU expect from YWCD?
Data transparency to keep the community informed about student achievement and school success.
Visibility to showcase student and school achievement, as well as community involvement activities.
Public engagement to strengthen the role of the community in support of the school system.

Inspirational Speech given by Judge Rose Gordon at Dothan city schools Institute for all faculty & staff, August 2008 in conjunction with the “Yes We Can! Dothan” education movement. Judge Rose Gordon, part 1 , part 2

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