$10k Wells Fargo Grant Awarded to DEF

by Dothan Education Foundation

The Dothan Education Foundation is proud to announce a $10,000 grant award from partner, Wells Fargo, towards our 2019-2010 teacher and school grant program. Through the generosity of Wells Fargo, the Dothan Education Foundation will be able to continue to fund innovative classroom and school grant projects that are normally outside of the scope of general public school funding. This year the Dothan Education Foundation is please to announce new funding areas such as social/emotional learning for early education and workforce essential skills for Dothan City School teachers and schools. “On behalf of the Foundation, I would like to thank Wells Fargo for their continued support of our programming,” said Lindsey Fountain, Executive Director. “It great to know that our community is behind supporting education and the work to continue to make for better schools and a better Dothan.”


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