Teacher & School

Innovation Grants

Applications are not being accepted at this time. 

The purpose of the Dothan Education Foundation Teacher and School Grants are to provide Dothan City Schools an opportunity to enhance the educational experience for students by supplying funds for activities that would otherwise be unavailable – activities outside the scope of normal funding. Grantees must use the online portal to submit their applications and upload final reports. The Dothan Education Foundation reserves the right to amend the grant application date due to any unforeseen circumstances as necessary.

Priority Areas of Focus

Arts (All Grades)

STEM (All Grades)

Reading (All Grades)

Social Emotional (Early Education)

Workforce Essential Skills (All Grades)


Grant Project Guidelines:

  • Grants are restricted to teachers or principals who work in a Dothan City Schools.
  • The project should be academically related and meet specific instructional needs.
  • Your request should not be a project routinely funded by local school system resources.
  • The school principal must approve the project by recommending/signing off on the grant application by the deadline. This will be done electronically through the grant portal.
  • Equipment/Materials from the awarded project(s) remain the property of the teacher should a teacher move schools or classrooms within DCS. ONLY if the grant is within the grant cycle, must it stay with the classroom or school to finish out the data reporting. If the teacher retires or moves systems, the equipment should stay with the school.
  • The DEF will provide notification regarding site visits of awarded projects.
  • The DEF reserves the right to publicize any grant-funded project to help advance the Foundation’s mission.
  • Equipment purchases should be part of the project, not an end in itself. Equipment requests require an educational objective demonstrating the incorporation of the requested equipment as an integral piece of the project.
  • Field trips may be funded if a part of a curriculum and directly related to student outcomes.
  • Food may be funded if a part of a curriculum not an event or reward. (Ex: Agriculture, Nutrition)
  • If the request is identical or very similar to a previously funded project, prior success and ongoing need must be demonstrated. New projects are strongly encouraged.
  • Awarded grantees must volunteer 4 hours per year with the Dothan Education Foundation. Volunteer opportunities will be announced.

Reporting Expectations:

  • Grant projects must begin no later than beginning of January and end no earlier than end of May.
  • The DEF requires an evaluation of the project by announced deadline.
  • To be eligible for subsequent grants, a final project evaluation must be filed electronically.



  • Dothan City School teachers may apply for grants of up to $2,500.
  • Dothan City Schools (principal) may apply for grants up to $5,000.
  • Number of Grants awarded will be based on funds allocated by DEF.
  • Awarded funds must be requested through date announced by DEF.


Judging Criteria:

  • The project directly impacts students, has a concrete goal and contributes to ongoing improvement.
  • The proposal clearly demonstrates what the project will achieve and how.
  • The project’s effectiveness can be clearly measured and evaluated.
  • The project budget is clear and realistic.
  • DEF reserves the right to identify priority areas in the application and rubric as indicated by district strategic needs.