Meet Our New Partner: Kaleidoscope!

by Dothan Education Foundation

With a new school year and new restructuring for the Dothan City School system also comes new changes for the DEF and it’s grant program. Meet our new partner, Kaleidoscope! Featured in Forbes, CNBC and EdSurge, The Kaleidoscope Group ( is a public benefit company who’s software platform supports funders to create unique scholarship and grant program designs through innovative and impactful  solutions. Through this new grant application portal The Dothan Education Foundation hopes to create a new flexible tool that will allow applicants the ability to save their applications and return to their pre-submissions, automatic budget calculations and seamless principal approvals. “We are proud to support Dothan Education Foundation’s goal of enhancing student education experiences through activities outside the scope of normal funding. As a first generation college student, it was just these types of activities that guided me to an undergraduate education, providing the extra support I needed to navigate an intimidating process,” said Greg Dehn, Founder and CEO of Kaleidoscope Group. “Helping innovative organizations like Dothan Education Foundation support teachers and the schools they do their best work in is exactly why I founded this company. We are grateful for the trust Dothan Education Foundation has put in us to help them support the teachers and schools in need.” Applicants interested in applying are encouraged to apply online on the Dothan Education Foundation’s website for grants for classroom projects up to $2,500 and school projects up to $5,000. For more information about Kaleidoscope and the work they are doing to help students and educational leaders connect to resources visit

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