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Schools across America face increasing demands and diminishing resources. Our society is changing at such a rapid pace and the education landscape is no different. Schools are expected to keep up with the unique needs of a changing society, as well as the needs of the workplace. Too often the resources of our schools do not meet these demands.

The Dothan Education Foundation addresses the needs of our schools by uniting the community under a common mission – to mobilize a myriad of resources to our community, in an effort to address the needs of our area's school districts across the Wiregrass.


At-Risk Students

Each year, many students cannot afford the basic supplies needed within the classroom. It is our belief that by helping to support students with supplies, at-risk populations can enter the classroom at an equal playing field, ready to learn.


Did you know on average Wiregrass teachers spend approximately up to $600 out of their own pocket on needed school supplies for their classrooms and students in need outside of annual stipends? Together we’re committed to doing more. By working together to provide teachers the needed support of basic school supplies, we’re able to boost morale within the classroom and help to improve the quality of instruction.

Under-Resourced Teachers

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